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Vijay Dairy was established by Mr. Jagjivandas Govindji Patel in the year 1975. Our journey began when we first started selling milk from our own cattle farm. Later on, we started making sweets from milk when our first factory was established a little later in the same year. We started our home delivery services in 1977 to make our fresh milk and milk products more easily accessible to everyone. With all the love and support we received over the years, we are now a family of 15 different stores/branches of Vijay Dairy with two of our factories.

About US Vijay Dairy - Online Store of Dairy And Sweet Products

At Vijay Dairy, we are committed to procuring, producing and distributing top-quality, value-added dairy & sweet products to our consumers.
In order to carry out our company mission, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • Being a loyal buyer of milk from our producers.
  • By supplying and providing quality and affordable products, we build trust with our customers.
  • We commit to developing and growing our team so that they are able to operate in a safe, caring and secure environment.
  • We strive to let our activities support the economy.
  • We are keen to generate maximum employment through our growth.

We aspire to become most profitable, valuable and kind organisation which is built and operated by good human beings.

Integrity: We strive to be truthful in all our activities.
Accountability: We are in charge of what we do and are accountable for all activities.
Vision-driven: We make sure to make our decisions based on our company vision.
Customer Focus: We aim to ensure that our consumers are satisfied at all times.

Our BHAG is to become the leading preferred dairy & sweet private owned company in Gujarat By the year 31st March 2025 having a turnover of 150 Crore.

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