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Milk is an essential part of our daily life. When we don’t consume milk directly, we use milk products instead! Milk is the mother of all dairy products. Paneer, curd, ghee, cheese, chenna and so on, every dairy product is filled with the richness of milk and its nutrients. We bring you a wide variety of milk products, as rich and pure as our milk.

paneer price 1kg


Vijay Dairy Famous Malai Ghee

Malai Ghee

Small Size Dahi - Yogurt

Skimmed Milk Dahi

Cow Ghee - Gir Cow Ghee Price

Cow Ghee

Cold Coco

Cold Coco





Sweet lassi

Sweet Lassi

Punjabi Dahi

Punjabi Dahi

Spiced butter milk

Spiced Butter Milk

Table Butter

Table Butter

Urja Dahi

Urja Dahi

Elaichi Lassi

Elaichi Lassi

Viay Dairy Sathi Chhas Butter Milk

Saathi Chaas

Mishti Dahi Or Mishti Doi At Vijay Dairy

Mishti Dahi Or Mishti Doi

Dahi Handi Dabba

Dahi Handi

A2 Ghee

A2 Ghee

Malai Lassi

Malai Lassi

Ghee Pouch

Ghee Pouch

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