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Discover the wonders of our dairy products! We started as a cattle farm, selling fresh milk. Now, we also make sweets like ghari and dudhi halwa, dairy products like dahi handi, paneer, ghee, and in savoury products, we sell both, snacks and chaats. Enjoy our pure and delicious offerings made with love and care. Discover the true swad of celebration with us.

Vijay Dairy Special Sampoorn Full Cream Milk

Made with the best of nature, for the best of you.

Cow Ghee - Gir Cow Ghee Price

The taste of tradition, luxury and goodness, all in one.

Surti Ghari - Pista Ghari At Vijay Dairy

From traditional to modern, mithai marvels that will enchant your taste buds!

The perfect snacks and chaats to satisfy your cravings.

Celebrate the seasons with Vijay dairy

Give the gift of health and nutrition with Vijay Dairy’s dry fruits gift hampers.


Vijay Dairy uses a packaging technique called modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to extend the shelf life of their mithai. MAP involves packaging food products in an atmosphere that has been modified to remove the growth of microorganisms. This is done by replacing the air in the package with a mixture of gases that are less conducive to microbial growth.

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