Kesariya Malai Peda

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Discover the essence of indulgence with our Kesariya Malai Peda, a luscious sweet that brings together the aromatic allure of saffron with the creamy richness of malai. Each piece is a celebration of texture and taste, crafted from milk that’s simmered until it’s sumptuously thick, then blended with a generous swirl of malai for an irresistibly smooth finish.

The saffron not only bestows a glorious sunset-orange hue but also imparts a delicate, floral flavor that dances on the palate. This luxurious treat is further enhanced by a hint of cardamom, adding depth and warmth to its velvety sweetness.

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Adorned with a final flourish of crushed pistachios, our Kesariya Malai Penda is a tribute to the timeless elegance of Indian mithai. Perfect for any celebration or as a decadent personal treat, this penda is a spoonful of tradition reimagined for the modern epicure. Add this artisanal delight to your cart and let the rich flavors of Kesariya Malai Penda turn everyday moments into a grand affair.

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