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Rasgulla - Bengali Sweets

Rasgulla: A Sweet Symphony of Flavor

When you think of the sweetest people, Bengalis are the first thought. And when you think of sweets, Bengali rasgulla has a whole different fan base! Especially Roshogolla or Rasgulla. The Origins and Rasgulla Recipe: A Cultural Delight Did you know that this sweet didn’t even originate in Bengal? Roshogolla originated in Orissa, a neighboring...

Angoor Rabdi by Vijay Dairy

Angoor Rabdi by Vijay Dairy

Known for its vibrant culture and exciting culinary landscape, Surat has a hidden gem in the form of Vijay Dairy, an establishment that prepares a local treasure: Angoor Rabdi. Nestled in the middle of a busy street, Angoor Rabdi the dairy with rich creamy offerings has made its mark by serving a delicious version of...

A Sweet Bonding Tradition with a Dash of Vijay Dairy Fun

Bhai-Bij: A Sweet Bonding Tradition with a Dash of Vijay Dairy Fun!

In the heart of Surat, where tradition meets modernity, there’s a delightful festival that celebrates the unique bond between brothers and sisters. Bhai-Bij, also known as Bhai-Duj, is a day filled with love, laughter, and, of course, sweet treats! The Festival of Sibling Love Bhai-Bij, falling on the second day after Diwali, is a celebration...

Surti Sweet Delight for Chandni Padvo

Ghari: Surti Sweets Delight for Chandni Padvo

As the vibrant festival of Chandni Padvo approaches, our hearts in Surat fill with joyful anticipation. This splendid festival, unique to Surat, brings a special charm and a delightful celebration of traditions. And what’s a celebration without a bit of sweetness? Enter Ghari, the jewel of Surti sweets, a confectionery masterpiece that perfectly encapsulates the...

56 Bhog Sweets For Lord Ganesha From Vijay Dairy

56 Bhog: A Feast of Delights from Vijay Dairy

In the vibrant city of Surat, where traditions meet modernity, Vijay Dairy has been a name synonymous with quality dairy products and delectable sweets. Today, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey to discover one of our most cherished offerings – the 56 Bhog. The Essence of 56 Bhog Chappan Bhog Sweets, a...

Diwali Festival Sweets

Diwali Festival: Where Lights, Love, and Sweets Illuminate Hearts

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a time when every corner of India shimmers with a warm, radiant glow. Homes are adorned with vibrant decorations, streets are illuminated by thousands of lamps, and hearts resonate with joy and anticipation. But in the midst of all the festivities, there’s something truly special about Diwali – the...

Wedding Special Sweets

A Sweet Beginning: Wedding Special Sweets to Savor and Share

The union of two souls, celebrated amidst love, laughter, and heartfelt moments, is a wedding – a cherished occasion that calls for nothing but the best, especially when it comes to sweets. Sweets have been an integral part of Indian weddings, symbolizing joy, happiness, and the sweet journey of a new life together. Sweets: The...

Navratri Vrat Sweets At Vijay Dairy Surat

Navratri Vrat Sweets: Sweets for Fasting Delights

As the vibrant festival of Navratri approaches, millions of devotees across the country prepare for nine days of fasting and spiritual devotion. While fasting during Navratri, it’s not just about abstaining from certain foods but also about relishing special vrat (fasting) sweets that add a touch of sweetness to the festivities. The Essence of Navratri...

Gajak Halwa

Gajar Halwa

AAAAHH?! You are here for the recipe, aren’t you? Well, you know what? you can have it away… here(link scrolls down to the recipe) Gajar ka halwa is also known as gajrela, gajorer halua, gajar pak, carrot halwa. Gajar ka halwa is a sweet pudding offered in Indian cuisine. Traditionally it is made from grated...

Dry Fruits Products

Surti Ghari

Once upon a time, a few hundred years ago… relax, I will cut to the chase. In 1838, priest Nirmaladasji urged Devshankar Shukla to prepare Ghari. Devshanksr Shukla then prepared Ghari for Tatya Tope, who arranged to provide ghari to the freedom fighters and their soldiers on the battlefield. Ghari helped the men to build...