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Lassi is a must-have summer drink in our house, it’s cooling and light, easy to make, and can be re-created in endless combinations depending on how creative you’re feeling and what you have lying around.

Lassi is a blended yogurt drink that is very popular in the Northern Parts of India especially Punjab. We’ve all seen Punjabis with their parathas and lassi glass, being the happiest.

It is made by blending curd or yogurt with water or milk, salt or sugar, and a few spices or herbs or even fruits, there are so many variations that you can try!

We often make lassi using a wooden churner and blender. You can choose to blend the lassi ingredients in a blender or with a wire whisk or immersion blender. I often like to use a wooden churner, because it gives a more authentic taste!

According to historic texts, lassi and its various forms have been prepared for centuries. Special versions with ingredients like honey are used in some Hindu rituals, and ayurvedic practitioners may prescribe lassi to treat specific conditions. One of the most common ingredients in the drink is toasted cumin, which is supposed to help digestion. Other special ingredients may be used in ayurvedic beverages as well, depending on the patient’s condition. It’s High in Protein which gives strength to the muscles.

Patiala Lassi is made both sweet and salty. You can always go for masala lassi as well! And whenever you feel a little extra, you can make lassi with fruits like mango lassi, malai lassi and strawberry lassi!

Most people make it with varying proportions of yogurt and water, so some drinks are very thick and chunky, while others may be thinner. The drink may be made even colder by being poured over ice, and some cooks like to top it with clotted cream to create an extra-rich flavour.

Let me tell you how to make lassi at home, this is the recipe for sweet lassi by chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Trust me, once you try this recipe, you’ll fall in love with its simplicity and the incredible refreshment it offers! And if you’re curious about the lassi calories, you’ll be glad to know that this yogurt-based drink is relatively low in calories, making it a guilt-free pleasure for your taste buds!

Ingredients for Lassi Recipe

Yogurt 2 1/2 cups

Sugar 1/2 cup

Ice cubes as required

Milk optional 1/2 cup

Fresh cream as required

Let’s make it:

Step 1

Blend together yogurt and sugar for two minutes in a mixer/blender.

Step 2

Add ice cubes and blend for a minute more.

Step 3

If the mixture is too thick add a little milk adjust the consistency and blend once more.

Step 4

Pour into serving glasses from a height so as to form a foam.

Step 5

Top with malai and serve chilled.

You will love this, trust me!

Now, if you don’t have enough time to make it yourself or if you have guests coming over on short notice, you can just get lassi from Vijay Dairy, the best lassi shop near me! They not only have sweet, salty, or masala lassi but also a wide variation of lassi. Mango lassi, dry fruit lassi, and whatnot! We make it fresh with their Vijay dairy curd and milk.

Remember we talked about variations? Mango lassi is my favourite, I love mangos! Fresh mangos add another zing to the lassi. Let me tell you the recipe I use to make mango lassi by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Curd – 1 1/2 cup

Mango pulp– 1 cup

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Cardamom powder – a pinch

Ice cubes – 5-6no

Malai – 1 tbsp

Pista chopped – a pinch

Let’s make it!

Step 1

Transfer mango pulp into a blender. Add sugar and blend. Add yogurt and blend again. Add crushed ice and blend to a smooth mixture.

Step 2

Take serving glasses. Put chocolate sauce in a squeezy bottle. Squeeze the sauce on the inner sides of the glasses in stripes. Pour lassi and fill up the glasses.

Step 3

Garnish with some more chocolate sauce and top with pistachio slivers.

Step 4

Serve chilled.

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