Suttar Feni

Sutar Feni Sweets

The Indian desserts have long been ignored.

The Indian deserts or mithai as we like to call it, have long been ignored, we will talk about some underdogs and, some established and well-known Indian sweets. Don’t get me wrong this is not going to be a rant on how we have been sidelining our food items in order to make room for more Western products. What it is going to be is a delight of microblogs on Indian sweets. So if you have a strong heart and sweet tooth, keep reading. Okay, yeah, tiramisu and Affogato are out of this world but have you heard of suttar feni aka suttar feni? Nooo? Alright, you can have a look at it.

Yeah? No it’s not seviyan or something you saw in kung fu panda. This absolute beauty is suttar feni. It is a sweet you could easily find in the winter season,suttar feni is the most common form of feni sweet there. The intertwining of wheat flour and desi ghee and a signature round shape. Apart from aesthetics, these qualities could be an authenticity identifier. To keep the dish intact with frozen ghee the dish is served cold and in cold seasons. It is then sweetened with sugar syrup (chashni) and served with a garnish of pistachios and almonds.

Here is how you can prepare suttar feni at home.

First of all, you need good quality feni you will have to find them in the local market or you could prepare suttarfeni at home. It might be time-consuming. The satisfaction of making it by yourself and knowing that you have used all good quality products, especially oil. The quality of oil used in feni that you might find in the local market could become a task to match your standards. There are very few locations that know how to maintain taste, purity, and authenticity. Just saying if you are ever looking for a really good suttarfeni, please come and visit Vijay Dairy here in Surat, I assure you you will fall in love. Or you could just order it from the comfort of your home.

How To Make Suttar Feni at Home

Well, once you have procured suttar feni, all you need to do is prepare sugar syrup not very thick and not very thin. To be precise, 1 thread of sugar syrup.

Add the sugar syrup to the feni

Let it soak and dry

Garnish feni with slivered almonds and pistachios

Finally, Suttar Feni is ready!!!

Here is an alternate sorta jugad way to make Suttar feni but it drives almost the same results.

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